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Mindfulness for Mental health

DIFFERENT TYPES OF MEDITATION FOR BETTER MENTAL HEALTH Meditation can be defined as the practice of focusing one’s mind to achieve stillness and tranquillity. Visualisation meditation is a technique that allows you to experience the feelings associated with achieving a future goal. Sound healing is an ancient meditative practice that uses different musical implements to create healing vibrations around the body in a meditative state. Guided meditation is a process by which one or more participants meditate in response to the guidance provided by a trained practitioner or teacher. Mantra meditation is the process of quieting and focusing the mind using a sound, word or phrase recited either aloud or silently. Movement meditation is a meditative state, a shift of consciousness while doing simple movements. It is a way of calming the mind and creating awareness. Mindfulness meditation is as a mental state that involves being fully focused on "the now" so you can acknowledge and accept your thoughts, feelings, and sensations without judgment. Popular meditation apps of 2020: - The Mindfulness App - Headspace - Waking up - Breethe - Calm


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